Class DefaultConnectivityCheck

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public class DefaultConnectivityCheck extends Object implements ConnectivityCheck
The default implementation of the connectivity checker. This implementation uses the systems ConnectivityManager to resolve the current NetworkInfo and then uses NetworkInfo.isConnected() to check for connectivity.

If you specify a lookup host name, a name lookup will be done to verify connectivity if the ConnectivityManager reports that the device is connected. We do this because there seems to be a slight delay and inaccuracy where the ConnectivityManager reports that we have connectivity, but that is actually not the case. To verify connectivity, we do a host name lookup for the given host to verify connectivity. This is an optional step and will be omitted if no lookup host name is specified.

  • Constructor Details

    • DefaultConnectivityCheck

      public DefaultConnectivityCheck(@NonNull Context context)
      Create a new instance of the connectivity checker to "" lookup host
      context - The context
    • DefaultConnectivityCheck

      public DefaultConnectivityCheck(@NonNull Context context, @Nullable String lookupHost)
      Create a new instance of the connectivity checker.
      context - The context
      lookupHost - The lookup host. If this is specified, the connectivity check will try to resolve the IP address of the given host name to verify connectivity.
  • Method Details

    • isConnected

      public boolean isConnected()
      Description copied from interface: ConnectivityCheck
      Returns true if an internet connection is available
      Specified by:
      isConnected in interface ConnectivityCheck
      True if an internet connection is available