PRESTOplay for Apple 4.0.0-rc4

SDK Bundle

The SDK Bundle


The rendered documentation including the Manual and API Docs

Cocoapods Dependency

The package is deployed to the public Cocoapods repository. Use the following setup to add the repo to Podfile and make sure that you refresh dependencies before you build since we are not using snapshots!

	source ''
	pod 'PRESTOPlay', '4.0.0-rc4'
	pod 'CastlabsApple', '4.0.0-rc4'
	pod 'CastlabsYoubora', '4.0.0-rc4'
	pod 'CastlabsThumbnails', '4.0.0-rc4'
	pod 'CastlabsSubtitles', '4.0.0-rc4'
	pod 'CastlabsDownloader', '4.0.0-rc4'
	pod 'CastlabsChromecast', '4.0.0-rc4'