Class AnalyticsMetaData

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public class AnalyticsMetaData extends Object implements Parcelable
The meta-data class wraps around mandatory and optional meta-data that are send to various analytics backends.

The two parameters that are mandatory in all cases are live and assetId. live needs to be set to true if the content is a live stream. Analytics backends usually require this information before playback starts. The assetId identifies the content uniquely within the analytics system.

  • Field Details


      public static final Parcelable.Creator<AnalyticsMetaData> CREATOR
    • live

      public final boolean live
      True if the current asset is a live stream
    • assetId

      @NonNull public final String assetId
      The asset ID that identifies the currently played content
    • extra

      @NonNull public final Bundle extra
      Additional and plugin specific meta-data. See the individual plugin documentations for a list of key/value pairs that can be set in the extras bundle.
    • viewerId

      @Nullable public String viewerId
      An identifier for the current User
    • durationSeconds

      public int durationSeconds
      The duration of the current asset in seconds
  • Constructor Details

    • AnalyticsMetaData

      public AnalyticsMetaData(boolean live, @NonNull String assetId)
      Create a new instance
      live - True if the current content is a live stream
      assetId - The asset ID uniquely identifies the content
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