PRESTOplay SDK v4 provides the necessary components for partners and companies to implement their own streaming player application for iOS, iPadOS, and tvOS.

castLabs has developed and maintains a base SDK distributed as an XCFramework which is capable of playing HLS and FairPlay Streaming with just a few lines of code. Additional modules provide support for offline playback, subtitles, Chromecast, analytics, and much more.


PRESTOplay is our core framework. It’s required for all the operations and it’s used to initialize the other plugins

import PRESTOplay
import CastlabsApple

PRESTOplaySDK.shared.register("LICENSE", [CastlabsApple()])

HLS and FairPlay Streaming

HLS and FairPlay Streaming are supported by the CastlabsApple framework which leverages the native AVFoundation framework.


Subtitles is our custom subtitles parser and renderer which supports various formats.


We pre-integrate with different Analytics vendors.


Thumbnails parser and renderer which supports WebVTT and Grid Images.


Offline playback is supported by our different Downloaders for HLS.


Chromecast support is enabled by pre-integration with Google Cast SDK.