Class LoadingStrategy

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public class LoadingStrategy extends Object implements Iterable<com.castlabs.sdk.thumbs.LoadingStrategy.Wave>
Defines in what order to load (cache) thumbnails. The goal of defining a strategy is to spread out the loading of the thumbnails so that they are not sequentially loaded and to quickly have "significant" thumbnails for most of the content in a reasonable time.

To achieve this, the LoadingStrategy defines waves. Each Wave defines the space between thumbnails to be loaded. A more spaced-out Wave will load fewer thumbnails and finish preloading faster, but will provide less accurate thumbnails. A less spaced Wave will provide more accurate thumbnails but taking longer to complete.

Currently, there's three ways of adding Waves:

  • LoadingStrategy.TimeWave: defines the amount of time between thumbnails
  • LoadingStrategy.PercentageWave: defines the time percentage of the media between thumbnails
  • LoadingStrategy.StepWave: defines the number of thumbnails to skip between two thumbnails, regardless of their duration

To construct a LoadingStrategy use the LoadingStrategy.Builder and add Waves to it with its addXWave(...) methods. Order *is important*. Waves will be loaded in sequential adding order. Make sure the most spread-out Wave is added first while the most granular is added last.

Default Strategy is ThumbsPlugin.DEFAULT_LOADING_STRATEGY.

  • Method Details

    • getLoadStartDelayMs

      public long getLoadStartDelayMs()
      The delay time until thumbnail load starts in milliseconds
      delay time until thumbnail load starts in milliseconds
    • iterator

      @NonNull public Iterator<com.castlabs.sdk.thumbs.LoadingStrategy.Wave> iterator()
      Specified by:
      iterator in interface Iterable<com.castlabs.sdk.thumbs.LoadingStrategy.Wave>