Android SDK documentation

Android SDK documentation

Version: 4.2.76


This is the Documentation for the PRESTOplay SDK for Android version 4.2.76.

The PRESTOplay SDK for Android provides the necessary components for partners and companies to implement their own player application for Android. This document specifically describes the capabilities of the PRESTOplay SDK for Android on the Android mobile platform.

CastLabs has developed and maintains a Java Android library called the PRESTOplay SDK for Android, which is distributed in the form of a AAR (Android Archive file). The SDK is based internally in Google’s open source ExoPlayer and provides extra functionality in form of plugins.

The main features of the SDK and the plugins bundled with the SDK are:

  • Playback of MPEG-DASH, SmoothStreaming, HLS, and MP4 content.

  • Playback of streaming and local content.

  • Playback of DRM protected content using Widevine, PlayReady, or OMA.

  • Live, event, and video-on-demand support.

  • Extended subtitles support.

  • Background playback using a Service.

  • Secondary screen handling.

  • Offline license key storage.


The PRESTOplay SDK for Android core and it main components, plugins, and extension points.

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